Powering Enterprise Digital Transformation

In the customer-centric digital innovation, We provides key instruments and services that include analysis, establishment, and operation for the digital transformation of your business, and helps you innovate faster and with lower risks throughout your digital transformation.

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As a provider of industry-oriented enterprise-wide blockchain solutions, PROINSIGHT is a member of the Hyperledger project of the Linux Foundation and the fourth HCSP-certified enterprise in China, with extensive practical experience in enterprise-wide blockchain applications.

Big Data

We offers solutions and operation services oriented towards big data application demands, including smart data middle platform building, main data management (MDM), data analysis, BI, and data visualization, in a bid to help customers build big data application capabilities and create data assets that can be sustainably accumulated.


With products covering the key areas of data marketing that include content management, large digital screen, behavioral analysis, and user experience, PROINSIGHT offers a smart platform of sustained operation and sophisticated digital solutions to both online and offline marketing scenes of customers.

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Our Services

We offers customers professional and customized services in the areas of blockchain, big data, and smart marketing technologies, as well as customized digital transformation proposals based on business scenes.

Technology consulting
Customized solution development
Digital function delivery
Reliable full-time operation
Key technical training
Remote & onsite technical support
Customized product development
Platform operation

Our Products

PROINSIGHT offers sophisticated and high-performance products that can help you build, test, and upgrade digitalized enterprise application scenarios to meet your business demand.


ProMDM is positioned as a product of MDM that aims to help customers solve such problems as non-unified data sources, ambiguous data lifecycles, data inconsistencies, multisystem data maintenance, and nonstandard data interfaces with a focus on meeting the fundamental business needs of customers, and that is built on customer main data in conjunction with big data platforms to build, optimize, and improve customer main data on a sustained basis throughout operations in a bid to offer systematized aids that include operation and analysis to decision-making of managers.


iiotTrust is a blockchain-based industrial Internet collaborative depositary receipt platform that can effectively solve problems related to coordination and trust among collaborative manufacturing equipment in the context of industrial Internet, and that adopts decentralized network structure with block records jointly maintained by all network members and no impact upon the platform itself caused by attack to single network node, in such a way that enhances the stability and security of the entire network.


Airtrace is platform where traffic statistics and big data analysis are provided to users for their offline operations, whose terminal is based on wireless sensor and image recognition technologies that can collect and monitor the data of people movement inside a store and upload it to the cloud data center via an IoT communication protocol to analyze and identify customer flows of the store and help users make their business decisions.


This enterprise-wide digital signage system adopts the distributed regional management technology to support mass terminal screens and help enterprises with their remote production, release, and management of multimedia programmes, with smooth compatibility with common operating systems and integrated management of display terminals that include advertising machines, all-color LED panels, LCD video walls, and ordinary LCD TVs.


It’s a one-stop smart operation platform based on user behavior and an automated platform that combines development, execution, management, feedback and iteration of marketing activities, which can select audiences with user behavior, attribute, label and other data to have precise reach to the most appropriate audiences and improve key operation indicators and conversion efficiency.


A Smart Big Data Visualization Platform. It has instruments for developing large self-service visualization data screens, supports access of multiple data sources, and has built-in interactive components that include filter, drill-down, and linkage, to satisfy customer demand of deep data mining, with multiple data display components to drag and create visualized pages without resorting to encoding, and with multiple themes and templates built in to allow enterprises to fast create stunning large data screens that meet their own business demands.

Our Track Record

We are young and proactive with relentless aspirations for technology innovations, and we always aim to offer services that can not only meet demands of our customers but actually go beyond their expectations.


2019 Big Data Innovators in Information-based Marketing

PROINSIGHT was included in the list of the 2019 Big Data Innovators in Information-based Marketing by the ccidnet.com website and the magazine – The Internet Economy in July 2019.


2019 Influential Enterprises
in the Smart Marketing Technology Industry

PROINSIGHT was included in the list of the 2019 Influential Enterprises in the Internet plus Smart Marketing Technology Industry by the China Information Industry Association and the infoobs.com website in September 2019.


AAA Level Credibility Grading Certificate

PROINSIGHT has passed the credibility grading certificate, Rated as AAA Level in 2020.


Member of the Linux Foundation

As a member of the Linux Foundation, the world’s top open source organization, PROINSIGHT has been promoting commercial applications of the open source technology to the business community in a bid to reduce the IT input of customers and increase the input-output ratio of customer projects.


Hyperledger certified service provider

As one of the participants in the world-renowned enterprise-wide blockchain project of Hyperledger and the fourth enterprise in China and the ninth globally to be certified by the HCSP, PROINSIGHT is dedicated to promoting the business applications of the blockchain technology and create values for customers.


One of China’s High-Tech Enterprises

PROINSIGHT was confirmed as a national high-tech enterprise in China following reviews in 2017.


One of Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprises

PROINSIGHT passed the certification of Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprise in 2020.


ISO9001 QMS Certification

PROINSIGHT has passed the quality management system certification GB/T19001-2016 / ISO9001:2015 in the field of Internet software research and development.


IPR Management System Certification

PROINSIGHT has passed the intellectual property right management system certification GB/T 29490-2013 in the field of corporate data processing, indicating its higher standard in IPR management.